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Its a time. Its a time.

Rated 2 / 5 stars


in the bad meaning of the word. It is slow, repetitive, it is out of melody, and plain because of only 2 voices, while the second voice rarely steps in.
It is kind of growing from the start to the end, so it does involve some acoustic benefits, but it's boring.

On To The Next One (rock) On To The Next One (rock)

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Ok good

I see how dark this piece of music sounds. It's very heavy and bad ass.
But how can you overlap rap text over electric guitar? What purpose would that serve?
And the rap text is complete mess. It doesn't even have a single rhyme.
Overall, I'm not a composer, but this track seems to me like a long road with rocks on it so as not to let anyone walk on it. It gets hard to listen to and repetitive after, like, 40 seconds of it. Good work though.

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Yabossobay responds:

Well, its kinda what i do. I trim up the original track so that only the high end EQ remains then i record what i think sounds good over it. The purpose is to make something sound really different and cool. I respect that you didn't enjoy it too much, everyone has their taste in music.
Try not to blame me if the text doesn't have a rhyme in it, that's Jay-Z's doing.

Rap also has a habit of being repetitive. I'm guessing you don't listen to a lot of rap. check out some of my other rock remixes, let me know if you like those a little more or less.

All Good Things... All Good Things...

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Deep sound

Oh when I listen to this I can already imagine some sort of game.
I mean, this could be very useful for games.
I liked how you managed to create a tension around 2:00
But how is it linked to All Good Things... ?

H3lix responds:

usually I name my music based on whatever I'm thinking while I'm making it. Plus, this may be the last track I make using Reason 2.0. Thanks for the review!

Piano Intro Piano Intro

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Want more!

This sounds fantastic and simply magically. I feel like I'm in a wonderful land when I listen to this.

The only problem is that the land is incredibly boring, generic and dull. It more represents a magical wonderful desert of Sahara.

@ Sparrow0k this doesn't seem to have been played on a REAL piano, you know. The sound is way too clear to be a recording.
I think this was interpreted by a computer music-composing program, so there's no need to praise author's piano-playing skills.

FenixB-dogg responds:

yes I agree, this is however the rough draft of the intro, I now added a drum beat and 2 violins,

as for the piano, I did play a keyboard through an effects box which is probably where you get the idea that it doesn't sound real